Load Body

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Body Load  Body
Type Steel Cabin, Steel Body, Wooden Cabin and Wooden Body
Application Various types of Goods Carrier, Medicine, Expensive Goods, Carton Box Packing Material, Refrigeration and other low weight, high volume products, Cement Bags Transportation etc.
Body Volume 9 Tons to 40 Tons
Option 1. Fix Body
2. Three Side Open Body
3. Plate form Body


Tipper Body


Body Tipper Body
Type Front End Tipping or Under Body Tipping System
Application Coal Carrier, sand and Metal Transporting, Earth Work (Soil Transporting), Road Construction Work
Body Volume 2 Cubic Meters to 40 Cubic Meters
Option One Way or Three Way Open gate
Manual or Automatic Tail Gate Open System
Single Plate or Sandwich Floor
Box Type Body or Scow Type Body


Army Load Body


Logistic vehicles from Tramco Coaches are mainly standards commercial vehicles that are militarised. They are predominantly used for non-combat missions in non-combat areas.

Not just carriers, these defence vehicles are lethal weapons with 100% reliability. Choosing them is a strategic decision that will help you arm your nation for future warfare.


Spare wheel carrier


Bus / Van